An online store or eCommerce website can be a great way to reach more people with your business or the starting platform to start one from. Launching an online store has a significantly lower start-up cost than renting a physical location. You can start growing your online sales and once your business has began to build moment.
Caffeinated Marketing has an experienced team of web experts that have helped many South Australian small businesses grow their online stores. If you are new to launching a website, we are here to help. One of our consultants will talk you through the entire process and make sure we are always on the same page. We can walk you through the process of running an online store day to day. Caffeinated Marketing can also run and manage your online store. This includes updating and maintaining the website, building the websites seo and forwarding orders onto you.
We are experts at store optimisations and growing search engine traffic. By eliminating inefficiencies in an online stores checkout proccess we can significantly increase the sites turn-over rate.
Some of these major inefficiencies  that can kill your sales include:
  • Slow Load Times
  • Complex Checkout Process
  • Poor Mobile Optimisations
  • Products Are Hard To Find
  • Unexpected High Shipping Fees
By using industry standard tools such as Google Analytics we can track user behaviour. With this data we can find where people may be ending the checkout process

Creating new products in woocommerce is as easy as clicking add product, filling out the title, adding a description, adding a photo and setting a price!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Not Use Shopify?

Although Shopify is becoming a popular option to for ecommerce stores. Shopify is quite expensive to run with their high monthly fees, especially for businesses just starting online. Shopify also doesn’t offer the same level of customisation as using WordPress + Woocommerce. We choose not to use Shopfiy because it is more aimed at creating basic ecommerce stores, not ones that can scale with your business.

How long Would It Take?

Generally depending on the size of the online store, the development process can take anywhere from a week to a month. Sites with a large product catalouge can sometimes take more than a month. We can offer an expedited service if you are needing to launch your store ASAP.

Why Do You Use Woocommerce?

We build eCommerce websites upon Woocommerce. This is the most commonly used for ecommerce sites. Woocommerce provides an extremely flexbile platform to build your store upon and and custom features specific to your website.

What About SEO?

We can absolutely optimise your online store for SEO. We will look at what your best selling product categories are and optimise them to rank for more search terms. Generally speaking SEO optimisation can be easier for eCommerce websites due to the larger amount of content than traditional websites.

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