Google Suite

Gsuite is one of those services that is an absolute must for nearly any business. Especially if you are working in a collaboratory workplace. Using Gmail through gsuite for your business takes away the hassle of setting up email accounts on every employees device. You and and your employees can even access emails to your company domain through gmails website. Google Drive is another key feature that makes Gsuite an absolute must have for doing business. When working with a variety of mission critical files or files that need to be shared and accessed remotely. You don’t want to risk having your files stored on a company server without any redundancy. This is where Google Drive through Gsuite comes in handy for storing all of your important documents. You can even get unlimited storage when you have 5 or more accounts.
You can learn more about Google Suite and sign up at
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Working Remotely Using Google Suite
Every day more and more people are choosing to work from home instead of coming into the office. This flexible workplace can reduce your companys physical footprint and increase employee satisfaction. By using Google Suite you can allow employees to take their workspace anywhere in the world without any extra infrastructure upgrades and without needing an expensive IT team. Google Meet will allow all of your usual face to face meetings to procceed as normal and allow up to 250 people to connect at one time. Other Google apps like Gmail and Google Drive also make it a breeze for employees to access their work even with a slow internet connection.

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