Website Maintenance Packages.

Keeping a WordPress website can be tedious and time consuming for the general business owner. This is especially the case if a plugin update crashes your entire website. The flip side of not updating your website means that your website is not kept up to date with the latest security plugins. Not keeping your website up to date can lead to it getting hacked by a botnet causing you to not only lose days of potential sales but also confidential customer information. Caffeinated Marketing can manage and maintain your website. We can perform a variety of tasks from updating plugins to search engine optimisation to even processing woocommerce orders.

Why Should I Get Management for My WordPress Site?

By ordering a maintenance plan for your website, you get the peace of mind that your website is being taken care of. With around the clock monitoring, we will take care of any issues that arise right away. The main focus of our care & maintenance plans is to deliver peace of mind that if any issues arise with your website that they will be dealt with right away. We follow this up by always prioritising our on-going maintenance clients website to resolve any issues immediately. We offer a 24/7 service to keep any downtime minimal in the event that your website goes down. WordPress maintenance plans mean that you can focus on the day to day of running your business while we take care of making your website awesome.

Each Maintenance customer has a direct support consultant that they can call at any hour of the day. You can rest assured that your support consultant will know about any issues with your site and resolve them before you even find out. In your monthly report, you will receive a list of any times that your site went down.

How Much Does WordPress Website Management Cost?

Our Maintenance plans start from as little as $70 per month for smaller websites. This is a great value because we include our outstanding Australian base managed website hosting. We do offer several add-ons available to get the most out of your care plan

Some of the tasks we will perform are

  • Host your website on our Fast and Secure Australian Server
  • 24/7 Monitoring on your Website
  • Monthly WordPress & Plugin Updates
  • Page Speed Measurement
  • Daily Backups
  • Harden your Websites Security
  • Repair your Website in the event of an Attack
  • Daily Scans for Malware
  • Place a Firewall to protect your website from attacks
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Page Cache Tuning

If you are running a large website that has a significant number of hits per day or if you are running Woocommerce please contact us for pricing specific to your website


As part of our care & maintenance plans, we will send you a weekly report of how your site is going. This report will include key metrics such as the number of visits, customer engagement and sales.

Website Updates and Optimisation

As part of keeping your website up to date. We also perform routine database optimisations as part of ensuring your website loads quickly. By Implementing page caching we will make your website load quicker for your customers. A slow website can kill the number of leads generated by your website.

PageSpeed Optimisation

Google pagespeed is becoming a larger ranking factor for Google Search (SEO). Google has based its business around providing their users with the highest quality pages at the top of each page. A slow to load website will result in more people leaving your site and Google ranking your site lower. Each website has a Pagespeed result which is a number between 1-100 to determine how well optimised your website is. Caffeinated Marketing will remove any clutter on your website and optimise images. This alone will dramatically increase your Pagespeed ranking

Addons Available

Woocommerce Management

Adding Products

We can add and manage products and categories on your website if requested to.

Checkout Optimisation

We will set up eCommerce tracking on your website to measure user statistics. This data will allow us to optimise your website from top to bottom. By optimising your website, there will be fewer places where customers fall off during the checkout process.

Simplified Dashboard for Managing Orders & Adding Products

We will provide you with a super simple dashboard that displays orders coming in and a graph showing daily sales numbers. We will hide everything else that you don’t need to worry about. You will also have access to a tab for adding new products to your website

Search Engine Optimisation

We can Bundle our on-going seo service with our maintenance plans for a discount for your website. We will track and optimise your website to rank for important keywords to your audience

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Subtle changes in your website can dramatically alter the conversion rate of your website. We may add in more contact forms to your website pages to make it easier for potential customers

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