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We are a team of web experts based in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Starting out as DHTech we provided our customers with web design and internet marketing services. We started out providing computer technical support and quickly moved into website development for small business. We increasingly found this difficult to scale and each as many business owners as possible, our company has been evolving over the past few years to be able to best serve our customers.

We finally decided to bring in a brand new name to the company this year. Caffeinated Marketing! While we aren’t getting rid of our original services, we are adding tonnes of valuable content to our website to help business and entrepreneurs owners that perhaps don’t have the capital to hire an agency yet or are looking to market their business themselves. We want to equip all business owners.

Our Offering

We are dedicated to providing businesses of all sizes with the information, tools and services they need to bring their business into the 21st century with internet marketing. This is through our current products & services as well as a heap of free content through our blog and a few new products and services coming down the pipeline in the next few months.

Website Design

Website design and development is the backbone of our company and what we spend most of our time doing. We work alongside our clients to design a visually stunning website that is optimised to meet our standards for

  • Load Times
  • SEO
  • Ease of use
  • Responsive on all devices
  • Future upgradability

We take our time when crafting each website to get every part of the site perfect. This is the difference between a cheap website that looks fine on the outside but doesn’t end up providing any results for your business

Domain Sales & Web Hosting

We wanted to provide our clients with an easy to use, access panel to access their web hosting services managed by our company, as part of this we are also adding the option now for clients to manage their domains through the same location as all of their other products and services managed by Caffeinated Marketing. We have invested hundreds of hours into tweaking our hosting platform to allow WordPress installations to run at full speed 24/7. Our hosted websites don’t just load fast, they load super fast. We have opened up our servers for anyone to purchase one of our superfast hosting services. To back up our claims we offer a 30-day money back guarantee to put our hosting to the test.

SEO Services

Whilst every website we build is optimised for SEO from the get go, we offer one-off and ongoing SEO maintenance plans to boost your sites rankings on Google & Bing to put your business ahead of your competitors and bring in leads organically. For every SEO project we undertake we will put together a full plan and proposal.

We work through a straightforward process of

  • Site Analysis:

We analyse each website current keyword rankings and on-page seo optimisations to see what keywords your website currently ranks for and to see what optimisations need to be made to your website

  • Technical Optimisation:

            A SEO technical optimisation ensures that your website is up to date and using the latest standards to get the most out of your investment, we will make sure that your website is secure and using https on all connections, loads quickly, optimised for mobile and social media sharing.

  • Content Writing

The best way to grow a websites trust and rankings is through publishing high-quality written content to engage with potential customers. This is the best way to differentiate a website from it’s competitors, Google will naturally rank a website higher that has more content because this shows that the website has had more effort into providing value and has more information for google to index

Facebook & Social Media Marketing

Social media is an excellent way to grow any businesses online presence and engage with current and reach out with potential new customers, many small businesses are not taking full advantage of the powerful opportunities that social media can bring

We can help your business grow your online presence by managing your social media accounts for you. Tasks may include

  • Frequently posting content related to your business on a regular release schedule (tri daily, daily, weekly )
  • Replying to comments
  • Engaging with community
  • Replying to questions and queries
  • Run social media ads to promote your business to new customers
  • Maintain an active and healthy community on your social media pages

We recommend that all businesses should have a page on all social media sites for the biggest potential outreach. Facebook and Instagram are the biggest platforms for businesses at the moment. Instagram is a great way to show a visual representation of your business whether it be pictures of products such as food or work done on a clients property. Facebook is the biggest platform to focus on right now with its vastly large amount of users. Facebook provides a great way engage with new and potential customers, run promotions and advertisements as well as updating followers with information about your business. Facebook also allows your page to be easily shared and recommend by your customers to their friends and families

Google Adwords Advertising

Email Marketing

If your website isn’t collecting email addresses you are potentially leaving thousands of dollars on the table each year. Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with prospective customers with your latest offers and blog content.                                                                                                                        

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