How it Started

After working in the IT support industry throughout high school, in 2017 Denholm founded DHTech which is now known as Caffeinated Marketing. The aim of Caffeinated Marketing is to provide small business owners with website design and online marketing services that are professional and down-to-earth by cutting through a lot of the false promises that many “marketing agencies” make to small business owners.

Work with us!

We generally only work with a small number of businesses at a time so that we can ensure that all of the work that our team is of the highest quality and exceeds the expectations of you, the small business owner. This does mean that at some times during peak periods, we may not be able to take on a new project for 2-4 weeks, at other times we may be able to start a new project immediately.

"Caffeinated Marketing was founded with the focus on trust and customer relationships. We put our customers and their businesses needs before our profit"
Denholm Hale

Founder & CEO