Sometimes you may have specific functionality that you may need for your website. We will go through a few different use cases for specific requirements that some of our customers have needed. These are just a few examples of custom solutions. If you are looking for a web solution that is more customised or completely different to these examples. Get in touch with us and one of our staff will come up with a plan of action to bring your vision to life. We love a challenge and across our team we have a wide range of technical skills that can be utilised to bring your custom made solution to life


Online Store With Geolocation For Local Currency & Taxes

One classic problem that Australian Online stores deal with when they expand to international markets is how to deal with currency conversion and taxes. You don’t want to scare customers off by showing taxes irrelevant to them or make the customer check currency converters before they hit the checkout page. Likewise if geolocation if not implemented properly can have severe impacts on page load times which can directly impact your stores sales. By optimising an online store so that only elements that are absolutely necessary are loaded. In combination of using a robust global content delivery network (CDN). We are able to use geolocation so that any visitor in the world will automatically see their most relevant information . This includes prices in the local currency including taxes. This avoids any checkout scares, shipping pricing can also be provided without the customer even having to enter their address.

Custom Customer On-boarding & Booking System.

One of the completely custom systems that we setup for a moving company allows the office staff to fill out thee job information. From there the moving dates are automatically added to a google calendar. We have also configured our system to automatically send out a thank you sms to the customer. The truck driver will also receive an sms with all of the relevant job information. Within 5 days of the job being completed the system will also send another thank you email to the customer with a link asking them to leave a Facebook or Google review. This system that we setup was designed with flexability in mind so that we can make minor or major changes at any time to fit the customers needs.


Prices Not Shown Unless The Customer Logs In From An Authoriesd Account

This is especially useful for business to business websites where you do not want the end customer to know the price of a certain product. This allows your business customers to choose their own pricing without customer knowing how much they paid for it. Another handy trick that you can do on top of that is to require admin approval when a customer signs up. this gives you complete control over who can view your prices and who can’t

Catalogue Creation From Online Store

Some businesses still deal with customers that prefer to place orders over the phone rather than online. For this specific case we have created a couple of different automatically generated catalogues for the customer. One that has all the product prices and one without any prices at all. These catalogues can also be generated on a daily basis automatically.
These are just a couple of examples of what our team can do for your business. With most things when it comes to technology your imagination is the limit, we can create nearly any system that a customer desires. If you would like more information or to discuss your custom web solution, leave us a message on our contact page or give us a call.

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