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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a variety of marketing that consists of sharing created content on different social media platforms. Social Media Marketing includes, posting updates about your products, deals and specials you may have going on, introducing your target audience to what it is your business does to engage with your target audience.

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Advertising and Marketing your business through social media can be extremely tedious and annoying. Taking the time and effort to find the correct pictures and reply to your potential customers comments can be a hassle. We can make social media marketing a pain free experience for your business. Do you have the time to be concentrating on marketing your business to its highest potential? If not then don’t worry, we can handle your social media presence, so you don’t have to.

Social media has become an important part of everyday life with majority of the population using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter so wouldn’t it make sense to have a social media marketing strategy in place to make sure your business is advertised and marketed on those platforms. Most businesses aren’t marketing themselves on social media so why not stand out from your competition and let us help you create a stable social media marketing campaign.

Through using Facebook advertising your potential customers can see what your business provides by simply using their phone no matter where they are as over 50% of all internet users are on mobile.  Social Media is a constantly changing space, meaning that there are new platforms that are coming into popularity all the time.  A recent example of this is the success of TikTok as  a marketing platform for targeting teenage and young adult audiences. Caffeinated Marketing will help you to choose which platforms will be best suited for your business so that you are not wasting time and budget targeting platforms that will yield very little or no results to your bottom line

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Facebook is a platform that nearly every business needs to pay attention to as part of their marketing strategy. Due to the large numbers on Facebook, it can be quite easy to build your brand and reach your target audience without spending much financially if you are dedicated to building a following by engaging with community groups and getting customers to share your posts, this makes Facebook great for small businesses starting out as many people are trying more and more to buy locally. Of course if you are wanting to take a quicker growth route you can make use of Facebook advertising as a way to quickly scale

Instagram has become kind of a big deal for marketers, over the past several years Instagram has grown from a personal photo-sharing platform to a platform used by millions of consumers and businesses to spread their own message.  The platform makes it extremely easy for businesses to tell a story with beautiful images to draw customers in to the brand

Instagram Performs Better For Visual Businesses

Every social platform has it’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to business marketing. Instagrams weakness is written content delivery but the platforms excels at visual content. Instagram is ideal for fashion, health & fitness, lifestyle, and makeup brands. The products that these brands sell are extremely visual, providing a positive visual change to your appearance combined with bright and colourful packaging top draw the customer in. Fitness brands will often post pictures of attractive athletic models to portray to consumers how they could look if they used product x from brand Y. Cosmetic companies post a lot of bright and colourful products of their different products to stand out and appeal to women through the colours and design of their product/packaging

Post Videos For Better Engagement

72% of content posted onto Instagram is just pictures, why not post a well-made video instead? Video content has been known for some time now for being better at captivating users’ attention than just standard pictures. The moving visuals and audio help to make the content stand out and result in the user spending more time consuming and engaging with your content

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How Social Media Marketing will help to market your business

  • Increases traffic to your website
  • Raises awareness of the product and or service that your business provides
  • Improves your communication and how you interact with your target audience

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