Well Designed Websites Make a Difference!

How many times have you found a business online and instantly been turned away by the look of an old or poorly designed website? Your website will leave a lasting impression on your target customers as its usually the first place that they find you or go to learn more about your business.

With a beautifully designed website from Caffeinated Marketing, we will ensure that your new website captivates your potential customers to stay on your website for longer and proceed to place enquiries/purchases.

Optimised For SEO From The Start.

Every website that we build is designed with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind, which ensures your new website will rank well on Google. Our copywriters are experts at crafting written content that will captivate your reader, provide in-depth content about your business and its services and bring your site to the top of Google Search.

With the ever-increasing number of websites being published online each day, it is getting harder and harder to stand out from your competition. We have found the best way to attract customers and to stand out from the competition is to provide as much value and information as possible to potential customers online.

Not only does this build trust with customers and place you as an authoritative figure in your area of business, placing as much helpful written content on your website is great for SEO and will make your website stand out to Googles search algorithm.

Our Website Design Proccess

1. Initial Consultation & Proposal

The initial consultation, either over the phone or in-person is one of the most important parts of our website design and development process, this is where we learn about how your business is run, what your core services are and the important design elements for your new website. From there we will discuss pricing and design options, we offer both template-based website designs and bespoke designs to meet a range of budgets.


2. Design & Development

After the initial deposit has been paid our team will begin working immediately on the first mock-up of your website. This will include developing any functional elements discussed in your proposal many businesses may require specific functions such as a staff portal, incident reporting forms or eCommerce functionality. Once we have finished the first draft of your website, we will schedule a 30 minute meeting to discuss any revisions that will need to be made. Our team will work closely with you throughout the design process to ensure that we are bring your vision for your business to life.


3. Copywriting & Final Design

Once the design for your website has been completed, one of our copywriters will begin working on content for your website. Our writer will take the information that you filled out in the brief questionnaire about your business at the start of the proposal process. This assist our writers to create in-depth content about the different services that your business provides for SEO purposes, in a tonality that matches your company brand persona.  Once we have finished drafting the copy-writing, we will upload the text to your website for a final review before the all-exciting website launch.


Launching Your Website Is Just The Beginning

It is an exciting day when your brand new website is launched but this is just the beginning. Caffeinated Marketing offers a range of different services to help your business succeed. from photography to content writing form

Fast Loading Times

We prefer to our clients websites on our hosting services, this ensures that we can easily monitor your website and make sure that it is always loading at blistering speeds for your customers.

A website that loads quickly will save your customers time and convert a drastically better than a website that is slow to load. According to Cloudflare, a website that loads within 2.4 seconds will receive double the amount of conversions than a website that takes 4 seconds or longer to load.

Most web developers don’t take this into account when recommending the cheapest hosting available which usually has 10,000s of websites hosted on a single server in India. An overloaded server can dramatically slow down your website during peak hours of the day.

An advantage of being a website development agency that manages their own website hosting infrastructure means that we have the ability to ensure that our clients websites load extremely quickly on all devices. Our website hosting is constantly kept up to date with the latest security and speed improvement updates so that we can continue to stay ahead of our competition.

Each website we work on goes through numerous tests and optimizations to achieve the fastest load time.


Sites We've Created

These are just some of the websites that we have created for businesses all across Adelaide and Australia. Every Business is unique and has it’s own unique branding, styling and requirements which is why every website that we design is carefully crafted to suit the business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

– How much will my website cost?

Given that every website is different, the cost can vary significantly depending on your functionality requirements and whether you opt for a template or bespoke design. Having said that, our different website design packages are competitively priced.

– Is your team local?

Our core team is based right here in Adelaide, we do have several content writers that work interstate. However, our team is located 100% within Australia, we do not outsource any of our work overseas.

– Will my website be SEO optimised?

Absolutely! Every website we build is configured with SEO in mind. To achieve the best results in Google Search, we do recommend that our copy writers take care of the written content for your website, this ensures that we writing is in-depth and optimised for search engines.

– What if I’m not happy with the design?

Right from the initial meeting, we will discuss what your vision for the website is and will continually make contact with you to ensure that you are liking the progress made on your website. However, if you are not happy with the design of your website, we will continue to make revisions until you are 100% happy with the final product.

– How long will it take to build my new website?

Generally it can take us as little as just 1 week to turnaround a high priority project, most websites take between 4 weeks to 6 months depending on the project. We take the time to ensure that your new website is beautifully crafted and meets or exceeds your expectations.

– When can we start?

Our availability can be quite limited during our busier times of the year, although we will always try to make room for a meeting with a potential new client. Get in touch using the contact form below to request a free initial consultation and chat about your potential new website.

Starting an Online Store?

We have worked with lot’s of eCommerce retailer to redesign and optimise their online store, from global retailers with a large number of international daily orders, to specific members only stores and of course working with retailers that only need a simple store, that are just starting out online.

There can be a lot of daunting decisions to make when starting an eCommerce website, like how much to charge for shipping or which payment solutions to offer and whether to begin selling globally. Our team will be there to help you along the process when making these decisions, we have worked with many retailers and will advise the best options for your business.

Our team are experts at ensuring your customers have a smooth shopping experience on your website. From the moment they land on the homepage, browsing through the shop, Right through to pressing the checkout button. Your online store will load quickly and be easy to navigate