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At Caffeinated Marketing, We specalise in helping businesses grow through proven and repeated search engine optimisation stratergies

Google Search optimisation or SEO is one of the most powerful tools that can provide exponential growth in your business. Caffeinated Marketing is an Adelaide SEO Agency that specialises in helping businesses grow. Through online marketing we help business owners take their business to the next level.
SEO is the process of improving your websites ranking on google for keywords or phrases that potential customers are most likely to look up. So, if you sell babies nappies on your website you would want to be ranking for the keyword “nappies” or the key phrase “babies nappies. To sumarise SEO is focused on making your business easier to find in search engines such as Google, Youtube or Bing.
The area of business you are in and the competitiveness of your industry will determine how hard it is for your website to rank
Improving your Google rankings can take a significant investment. When you hire an experienced SEO agency, you are ensuring that your website will continue to grow into the future.

#1 Website & Content Audit

We start off our SEO process by auditing your website to determine the sites strengths and weaknesses. So that we know the areas that we will need to focus on to grow your website. We also set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track key metrics such as visitor retention rate. We also track the keywords your website is currently ranking for. We are strong believers in “What gets measured, gets managed” by spending the extra time in our auditing phase we can properly track where your website is now.

#2 Keyword Research

Keyword research is a mission critical part of optimizing a website for SEO, if you don’t know the keywords that your websites audience is searching for then your website will end up ranking for a whole bunch of keywords that your website that will end up leading to zero new leads. We will generate a list of keywords to target your website towards that will generate a fruitful return for your business.

#3 Local SEO Google My Business Listing

We can help create a Google My Business listing for your business. This allows locals to find your business on google maps, your business listing will also show a special sidebar on Google’s search results . Here we can place a couple of photos, opening hours and contact information for your business right on Googles search page for your business.

#4 Technical and Mobile Optimisation

We optimise your website to load quickly on mobile devices. We also may make use of a mobile optimised theme for your website. This makes it easier for customers to browse your website and view your products and service. from here we will run a series of speed optimisations on your website depending on where the server is that your website is hosted on and if your potential customers are based only in Australia or are international. Google takes page speed as a serious ranking factor and a website load time that’s been increased by as little as a second can have a major impact on your websites seo and Google rankings.

#5 Content Building

Building content is the most extensive part of our business seo process. A key way to improve a websites Search results is to take the list of targeted keywords. From this list we then start building as much content as possible the keyword set for google to index. As your website begins to have more quality information about a particular topic. Your websites traffic will begin to grow.

#6 Conversion Optimisation

It is great to have a beautiful website that brings in a lot of traffic, but it doesn’t matter if your website is hard to use. For service based businesses, we make sure “request a quote” buttons and contact forms are placed throughout your website. we can also implement an easy to use call now button on mobile devices to make it even easier for visitors to get in touch with you. For an Ecommerce store we will audit the entire process. From browsing the site for products to adding the product to the cart and following the checkout process to completion . We do this audit to find inefficiencies in the purchasing process. We can them remove these inefficiencies to make a quicker and easier shopping experience for your customers.

#7 Wash and Repeat

Google is always changing and tweaking their algorithm. This means SEO companies need to stay up to date with the latest changes and trends. The website that ranked number 1 for “nappies” 10 years ago most likely does not still rank for that keyword today. This is especially the case if the owner of the website did not keep their website up to date with the latest seo best practices. Caffeinated Marketing offers ongoing SEO where we follow the 7 Step process we just outlined with a couple extra hidden steps repeatedly each month to ensure that your website continues to grow in traffic and lead generation.

Why should I choose Caffeinated Marketing to run my businesses SEO?


Caffeinated Marketing’s team is experienced in helping small to medium sized businesses grow through online marketing and especially through search engine optimisation. We have countless clients that we have been able to help grow their business to the next level through SEO alone. We are constantly re-training ourselves to stay up to date with Google’s ever changing search algorithm’s to ensure that our SEO customers are receiving an excellent service and return on their investment.

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