Snapchat for brand promotion? Manscaped shows you how

It is becoming increasingly common to see brands using Snapchat for promotional purposes. The male grooming company ‘Manscaped’ is an American made business that specialises in producing hygiene products and tools for down there. The ecommerce brand took to Snapchat to market their products. Snapchats specialised ad targeting systems resulted in the business receiving a whopping 17% increase in company driven revenue form just two months of advertising on the platform.
Just having to swipe up when viewing an ad brings you straight to the brands website with all their products. An easy and simple ‘see more’ swipe up link helps increase sales as it creates less work for the customer to do. If you have ever seen a product advertisement on Snapchat, then you know exactly what I am talking about.
Snapchat offers brands the opportunity to advertise in-between content that their friends have posted, in the form of Story’s. These ads usually last around 5 seconds and are very easily set up.
The ecommerce brands target audience is men aged between 20-34,  so when considering which platform to use Snapchat outperformed other major platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.  Because unlike Facebook and Instagram the user demographic of Snapchat consists of a much younger user demographic, and one that is very active online. According to Snapchat, on average, users spend an average of 30 minutes a day on the application and will open it over 30 times a day.