Top 4 tips to grow your Facebook page!

1. Stand out from the crowd

Be Bold, don’t blend in with the norm. Unique content is a must to be recognised to then be remembered. Be creative with your profile aesthetics and ensure every aspect of it has been correctly filled out in a way that promotes the ideas of your page. Your page should be a professional representation of your content and should include a personalised twist that is seen as inviting and accepting to your target audience.

2. Determine the ideal time of day to post and frequency

Consider what sector your Facebook page is apart of and identify your target demographic. Once this is known you can then accommodate the time of day and frequency of your post to suit what time your target audience is online and how long for. The Facebook interface allows posts to be scheduled for a specific time to be published. Not only making it easier for the publisher but also the audience will begin to recognise that your posts are consistent in both frequency and time of day. This will lead to increase in page visitations and post engagements.

3. Engage with your community and target audience

Find and reach out to similar content creators and collaborate, this will expose your page to the audience of the other creator and vise versa. Be active online and respond to comments on your posts and support (like/react) other content creators posts. Using real-time services such as livestreams or Q&A sessions is also a good way to virtually communicate with your target demographic.

4. Promote your page

Utilising other social media platforms like Instagram to share your Facebook page is a great and very easy way to expand your community. If you are unsure what content you should share to other platforms start with sharing posts and any information on upcoming and post events. Using “story” functions on socials such as Facebook or Instagram takes little to no effort and time to create and is a constant reminder that can be refreshed every 24hrs. This is also the first thing consumers see when they open the application and is also a great way to stay relevant in todays technology driven generation.