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Caffeinated Marketing is an Adelaide web design team dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes grow their online presence.

In 2020 where hundreds of companies are fighting for people’s attention and where customers attention span is limited, it is crucial that your business has a well-designed website to capture visitor’s attention and turn them into customers. Caffeinated Marketing is an Adelaide website design agency that specializes in helping businesses take their online business to the next level and helping local businesses increase their reach through the internet. From our work we have learned a few key factors that are important to ensuring your website is successful and not a waste of money for your business.

Aspects of a well designed website

We take care of the fine details so you can enjoy the results of your brand new website.

Fast load Times are Important

A website that loads quickly will save your customers time and convert a lot better than a website that is slow to load. According to Cloudflare, a website that loads within 2.4 seconds and has a 1.9% conversion rate will drop to less than 1% if the website takes 4 seconds or longer to load. Most web developers don’t take this into account when recommending the cheapest hosting available which usually has 1000s of websites hosted on a single server in India. An overloaded server can dramatically slow down your website during peak hours of the day. An advantage of being a website development agency that manages their own website hosting infrastructure means that we have the ability to ensure that our clients websites load extremely quickly on all devices. Unlike larger hosting companies we user servers all over Australia to ensure the latency between a visitor’s device and the clients website is minimal. For websites with an international audience we will choose a server location that is center to 90% of the website’s audience, we also make use of a global content distribution network to serve images and cached assets as quickly as possible. Each website we work on goes through numerous tests and optimizations to achieve the fastest load time.

Mobile optimized

Over the last decade there has been a major shift from consumers browsing the internet of home computers and laptops, to now using mobile devices such as phones or tablets to research products and services. Now instead of Google being the main platform for looking for products and services, Facebook and YouTube have become major contenders which are excellent platforms to promote and grow your business. Google has also recently begun ranking websites with mobile first in mind, this means that a website that hasn’t been designed to be responsive on mobile devices will naturally rank lower than a well-designed website.

SEO Minded

There are a lot of website designers out there that will build you a good looking website for a cheap price but it will have difficulty ranking long after you have already paid the designer because they didn’t spend the time from the start to optimize the website for SEO. On every website we work on we ensure that it is compliant with all the latest best practices for technical SEO optimizations, this includes an SSL certificate for secure connections between your website and your websites visitors, XML Sitemap so that Google has a directory of all the pages on your website that it needs to index.

Provide value and Build trust.

With the ever-increasing number of websites being published online each day, it is getting harder and harder to stand out from your competition. We have found the best way to attract customers and to stand out from the competition is to provide as much value and information as possible to potential customers online. Not only does this build trust with customers and place you as an authoritative figure in your area of business, placing as much helpful written content on your website is great for SEO and will make your website stand out to Googles search algorithm.

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  • Domain; This is the address of your website where people can go to visit your website, an example of a domain is or There are many different domain extensions available from .co to .net, we can help you choose a domain name and extension that will work best for your business and achieve the best results in Google
  • Website Hosting; Your website has to be hosted on a server so that it is accessible to the world, we have spent countless hours optimizing our web hosting platform but we also understand if you wish to have your website hosted with another company

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