Can Paid Facebook Advertising Be Successful For Online Retailers?

Facebook has become an extremely large social media platform in the 16 years that it has been around for. It would be extremely hard to find someone that has not heard of or actively uses the platform. This has made Facebook to hard for marketers and small business owners to ignore when it comes to Facebook advertising. With so many businesses using Facebook to promote and engage potential customers, there have been many mixed results with paid advertising. Some companies seem to strike gold using Facebook advertising while others have spent thousands of dollars with very little benefit. This article is going to unpack what makes a successful advertising campaign and how to avoid wasting advertising budget

1. Targeting The Right Audience

The best way to start planning your advertising campaign is to determine the target audience you want to see your ad, even if your brands’ audience is broad you should still aim to focus on a niche of your target audience. This will allow you to create the perfect ad targeted for your audience

2. Images Matter

The image you choose for advertisement is arguably the most important piece, the image is the first thing seen by Facebook users before they are drawn in to read the copy and react to the CTA. It is crucial to your marketing success that you choose an image that appropriate but yet well-edited to stand out among other posts. Many companies also include a banner and/or logo to their ad image.


3. Don’t Forget The Copy

Once you have captivated the right audience with an awesome picture, you need to ensure that you are including text that is short but yet captivating