“Tonight I’ll be be eating” successful brand promotion

Everyone has seen it, the advertisement before nearly every YouTube video. Uber has been religiously advertising its Uber Eats “tonight, I’ll be eating” campaign all over social media platforms, specifically YouTube. A whoppingly short and concise 6 second advertisement appealing to hunger reminds the viewer that happiness is just around the corner, or outside your door. By harnessing YouTubes 6 second bumper advertisement Uber Eats has been able to horrifically increase brand recognition during 2019. Odds are, if you walk down the street nearly everyone you walk past either knows of or has used Uber Eats.

Kim Kardashian's order is NOICE! in Uber Eats' new 'Tonight I'll Be Eating…'  TVC via Special Group – Campaign Brief
Uber Eats is specifically catering towards the younger generation. For their short “tonight, I’ll be eating” advertisements it is common to see a celerity featured in them. Special stars Kim Kardashian and Sharon Strzelecki were brought on especially to target the younger demographic.

YouTube provides advertisers with the bumper software that creates short second long video advertisements from videos that run 90 seconds or less. The final process offers up to three or four versions of the shortened advertisements to choose from. YouTubes non-skippable 6 second bumper advertisements provide a successful foundation for companies such as Uber Eats to market to target demographics, especially considering what the selected video includes.