Snapchat for brand promotion? Manscaped shows you how

It is becoming increasingly common to see brands using Snapchat for promotional purposes. The male grooming company ‘Manscaped’ is an American made business that specialises in producing hygiene products and tools for down there. The ecommerce brand took to Snapchat to market their products. Snapchats specialised ad targeting systems re ...

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The Undeniable Importance of Website Tracking and Analytics

There are more than  1.5 billion websites  on the internet right now. How are you going to make yours stand out? One of the best ways to differentiate your website is by keeping up with your website analytics. The more that you look into website tracking, the more that you can adapt to making a website better suited to your viewers. If you’re not ...

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TikTok For Business? – Culture Kings Says Yes

Tiktok For Retail Marketing? Tikok is a social media platform primarily designed for user entertainment that keeps people scrolling through video after video for hours on end. When a user first downloads the app they are greeted with a question asking them to select their interests from about 10 different popular categories on TikTok. These question ...

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Should I Build My Own Website or Hire a Professional Company?

The number of websites online is edging ever closer  toward two billion .  If you’re thinking of joining the party, you have two main options: design and build the website yourself, or hire a professional agency. Building a personal website is something that many people do. Sites like Wix and Shopify make creating a basic website simple ...

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Choosing Fast and Reliable Website Hosting

How do I choose the right company to host my website?   One of the toughest decisions to make when you are launching a website for your small business is choosing which provider to host your new website. This is made even harder when there is a wide range of different price points between companies that offer exactly the same features. Some cheaper c ...

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